Tracie Andrews is an abstract artist based in the UK. Her unique style is focused on exploring colour harmonies, composition, and balance by combining traditional methods with digital techniques. Her artworks are sold in various stores worldwide, and she also creates bespoke art commissions for hotels, TV/film productions, and corporate environments. Tracie works alongside her husband, Matt, who manages customer and client inquiries, licensing, and other business operations.

Clients and licenses include - Amazon, Audible, Apple, Netflix, Paramount, Channel 4 UK, Ikea, Habitat, Next, Argos, Dunelm, Target, Urban Outfitters, John Lewis, Atlantis Hotels, Novotel Hotels, Publishers, CultureAmp, Mozilla, Bed Bath & Beyond and TK Maxx.

"I find inspiration for my work from my surroundings. I am particularly intrigued by the interplay of light and shadows on various surfaces, the shapes of objects and the spaces they create.

I craft each element of my artwork by hand, textures, shapes etc.  For the final product, I use Photoshop to create artwork that has a clean, minimal look while retaining its unique, handmade feel."